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Quick Start Guide


This guide is aimed at getting you up to speed on all the features and functionality of Narratives for Tableau. It will contain links to articles within our help center.


I've just downloaded Narratives for Tableau from your website and I want to start using it.

Here is a link to our installation instructions for Tableau Desktop.


I've installed the extension. I want to start generating narratives

Our article on usage instruction will give you step-by-step instructions on how to get started.


I want to control the amount of detail in my narrative and change my story format

You can look through our instructions for personalizing your narratives for help with this topic.


I want to provide context to my narratives

We have detailed instructions on how to use "Narrative Settings" to add customized dimension labels and apply relationships between measures.


I want to control the analytics packages executed when my narrative is generated

Check out our guide for configuring your analytics.


I have a scatter plot and want a story to explain to me what is going on

We have an explanation here of the types of analysis we perform to generate narratives about scatter plots.

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